NMAP-First Scan

And here is your first NMAP scan. It’s a very basic scan. We’ll be scanning an IP address range of most private networks. If your network range is different then plug in the numbers for your network.

If you are the impatient kind of person and want to know how far along your scan is you can press enter or the space key to see the progress of your scan.

Here is what my scan looks like. I am using Kali on VMWARE in this screenshot. I also have a Windows XP and a Ubuntu virtual machine running. Note that my ip address range is 192.168.11.*

NMAP Scan 1

Well, that’s it. Take a look at what you got and see if you can make sense out of it.

Here’s a video of how to install NMAP on Ubuntu using apt-get and your first scan using NMAP in Kali.