NMAP is an extremely powerful network mapping & scanning utility that can be run on Linux, Windows and Mac. It is used primarily in Ethical Hacking but since it is such a powerful tool with many possibilities I have decided to dedicate a section just to NMAP. I am going to assume that if you are on this page you have a strong knowledge of how to operate a computer including how to install programs and how to use a command line interface.


NMAP is available at nmap.org. It comes standard in most versions of Linux especially those used for Pen Testing such as Backtrack and Kali. To confirm it is installed go to Terminal and type in nmap. If you get a listing of all the possible commands and switches then it is installed. If you are using Linux and NMAP is not installed simply go to the terminal and type apt-get install nmap.

On Windows download the executable and run the installation.

NMAP comes with a GUI called Zenmap but most of the tutorials will focus on the Command Line usage of NMAP, and for the most part I will be using either Backtrack or Kali. I will also talk some about nMapper on Android which is essentially Zenmap for Android.

Well, you basically got your first tutorial above in how to install on Linux and Windows. Here’s a video on how to install NMAP on Ubuntu using apt-get install, and how to run your very first scan on Kali using NMAP.