Linux Tutorial | Install Google Chrome

For this brief tutorial we are going to install Google Chrome on Kali using dpkg. It may actually be best to watch the video but here are the steps.

1. First go to and select Install Chrome.
2. Click the download Chrome button
3. Select the version of Chrome that is appropriate for you. For our tutorial we used the 64bit Debian version. Depending on your machine and version of Linux you may need to select something different.
4. Agree to the terms
5. Save Chrome to the directory of your choice. For our tutorial we selected the Root folder to make it a little easier. Otherwise you will have to navigate to the directory that you saved Chrome to using cd.
6. Once the download is complete open terminal and enter the following:

As long as you have sudo permissions this will work, otherwise type sudo before the command.
7. Chrome is installed..continue to Facebook because I know that’s what you’re going to do first….just kidding.

Note: Chrome does not immediately work if you are using Root. You will need to be logged in as a different user to use Chrome.