Different Types of Hackers

Script Kiddies-Novice Hackers with very little actual technological knowledge. Very often they use other people’s pre-made tools.

Black Hats-Use their vast knowledge of technology, primarily hacking skills for malicious purposes such as theft, terrorism, revenge or activism.

White Hats-Use their vast knowledge of technology, primarily hacking skills to protect networks and systems from malicious activity from other hackers. Typically these are called Network Security or Information Security (Infosec) personnel.

Grey Hats-These hackers straddle the fence between Black Hats and White Hats. They may be a White Hat who occasionally delves into hacking for personal gain or a reformed Black Hat who now works in information security.

Cyber Terrorists-These are exactly as they sound. They are groups of hackers who are intent on spreading fear of data destruction to meet their goals.

State-Sponsored Hackers-Hackers who are funded by a government who’s goals include espionage.

Hacktivists-Hackers who are trying to spread their message for their cause by defacing websites, disclosing confidential data or performing DDOS attach (Distributed Denial of Service).

Corporate Hackers-Hackers who target corporation’s intellectual information or proprietary property. Often used to gain a competitive advantage but may also used to make money or as blackmail